The Importance Of Wearing Complete Baseball Catchers’ Gear

The game of baseball is a team sport which requires the players to occupy a specific position. Some of these positions include the basemen, outfielders, catcher and pitcher. Perhaps one of the most important positions in baseball is the catcher. He is responsible for catching all the throws made by the pitcher and is oftentimes viewed by the opposing team as the only obstacle in getting a score. So why is it important to wear complete baseball catcher’s gears?

Since this position is always open to various circumstances, like being hit with a fast throw or bumped by a player of the opposing team trying to score a home, the catcher is always the one who wears the most gears. The catcher’s gears include a full-face mask, mitt, shin guards, chest protector, cup, knee savers, inner protective glove, and throat protectors.

Catcher’s Mask

Since the catcher’s face is in direct trajectory line of the ball thrown by the pitcher, he wears a full-face mask to protect it from potential serious or even fatal, injury. These masks cover the face, a great part of the sides of the head, and also the throat. Modern catcher’s masks are similar to those worn by hockey goaltenders which include protection for the top of the head.


The mitts used by catchers are larger than the standard gloves worn by any other player on the field. It has extra padding built into it to minimize the impact of a fastball which can come hurtling at them, sometimes at the speed of over a hundred miles an hour.

Shin Guards

These gears are used to prevent an injury which might occur when base-runners advance home with their shoe cleats, or spikes, in upward position. Shin guards are also effective in protecting the knees and legs against strong impact from a fast ball that the catcher may have been unable to catch.

Chest Protectors

These gears are usually padded with rubber or plastic foam and are designed in such a way that it will protect the body of the catcher even if it gets hit by a fastball.


This is worn by catchers under their uniforms to minimize the risk of serious injury to their groin in case a wild throw by the pitcher strikes that area.

There are also other specialty gears that are worn by catchers to accord their body a maximum degree of protection. Some of these include knee savers which protect against knee ligament injuries which can be gained from prolonged squatting position of the catcher, Inner protective glove which is worn inside the mitt to help absorb the shock of a pitched ball, and throat protectors which prevent injury from being caused to the wind pipe.

Although the gears that catchers are required to wear are bulky and sometimes takes a while getting used to, they are very efficient in protecting your body against potential injuries which can be caused by a speeding ball or an opposing player running home.