Best Fantasy Baseball Catchers 2009

The catcher position in past seasons has been one that was just filler. For real Baseball teams the defense that a catcher provides is far more important than there offensive value. Since all we care about as fantasy baseball managers is offensive production the catcher spot has usually been a position that is drafted later in the draft. Here are my tier rankings for fantasy baseball catchers in 2009. When looking at this the player predicted stats are formatted as follows: (HR/RBI/R/AVG/SB)

The tier one of catchers is usually drafted in the 4th through 6th rounds. The fantasy managers that draft a catcher in these early rounds are usually managers that are using the position scarcity strategy. It is my suggestion however that even in using this strategy you wait till the 2nd tier of fantasy baseball catchers to begin drafting them. So with out any more of a hold up here are my Fantasy baseball tier rankings for catchers:

Tier 1.

1. Joe Mauer. (12/85/95/.330/5)

Joe lives on the base paths. He has an absolute ridiculous on base percentage. He will help your team with batting average, and score plenty of runs. If you are looking for a catcher that will play almost every day and score a lot of runs Mr. Mauer is your man!

2. Brian McCann. (20/85/60/.290/2)

Look for McCann to take a step back in production. However his numbers will still keep him in the top tier of fantasy baseball catchers. Don’t forget that Brian plays for a falling team and could be traded at any time to a true competitor.

3. Russell Martin. (12/65/85/.280/20)

A catcher with 20 steal potential, that is quite un-heard of. if you are looking for a super speedy team and would like some speed at the catcher position the Russell is the catcher for you. He is the only catcher in this years draft that has 20/20 potential, however i don’t see him increasing his home runs over last year.

That sums is up for tier 1 of fantasy baseball catchers. The only reason that anyone should be drafting these guys is if they are using the position scarcity fantasy baseball strategy.

Tier 2.

4. Victor Martinez. (20/100/80/.295/0)

If he is healthy this year he should hit at least 20 home runs. If you feel the big V-Mart will return back to form and can stay healthy all year then wait till the 1st tier of catcher’s have been taking, wait till around the 7th round and steal him because he will be a bargain that late in the draft.

5. Geovany Soto. (20/80/70/.280/0)

After putting up insane fantasy baseball numbers last year i would expect a small sophomore slump from him. He will still be a great catcher to have on any team, however don’t look for a repeat of last year.

6. Ryan Doumit. (14/70/70/.310/2)

He plays for the pirates… With no one hitting around him his RBI’s could go down.

7. Chris Iannetta. (22/75/60/.265/0)

He plays in the hitter friendly park. However the Rockies offense is well, a bit rocky. they have lost Holiday, however if this guy plays in more than 100 games this year look for him to be a HR factor on your team.

Tier 3.

8. Matt Wieters. (no idea)

How can a guy that has never played in a big league game get this kind of a ranking? He deserves it. The question is no longer if he gets called up, its when. When he does make sure he is on your roster.

9. Jorge Posada. (15/80/85/.280/2)

He is getting old. However he plays for the Yankees. its pretty much a guarantee that every time he comes up to the plate there will be a man on base.

10. Bengie Molina. (18/85/45/.275/0)

His RBI totals last year were insane! look for them to drop back to earth.

Tier 4.

11. Dioner Navarro. (8/60/45/.290/2)

He plays for the Rays. They have a great offense and hitting can be contagious.

12. Mike Napoli. (20/70/50/.245/5)

Can he play an entire season? This guy can hit if the Angels will let him. He is a risk, but the reward is a catcher that could possibly hit 25+ home runs. He is in the 4th tier because of the risk factor.

13. A.J. Pierzynski. (10/55/60/.280/1)

He is getting older and plays Catcher. His numbers will drop. But he will get the job done, her certainly will not hurt you in any category.

14. Pablo Sandoval. (10/75/70/.300/0)

This guy is the next Joe Mauer in the making. He gives you average and RBI’s. If he gets more playing time his numbers should reach some nice heights. He also has 1st and 3rd base eligibility.

15. Ramon Hernandez. (10/ 60/50/.265/0)

These number are terrible, look to get someone else.

With the catcher position being so weak this year it really doesn’t matter who you get, just get someone that you believe will play ever day. That sums up my Tier rankings for Fantasy Catchers. Make sure to check out my other fantasy baseball tier rankings here.