Baseball Catcher Mitts

Baseball catcher mitts are a savior for the hands of the player catching the fastballs of the pitcher. This type of glove can only be worn when playing behind the plate. Its unique design will not make it effective in any other position. Actually, it would probably hinder the player trying to use it on any other area of the diamond. When looking at catchers mitts to purchase, there are a few considerations to make to ensure you get work that will be effective for you.

The first thing you should look for when browsing through the variety of catchers mitts is the size. Try on several different brands and sizes to select the best one for you. It is important that the mitt fits properly and can be worn comfortably. There is nothing worse than losing your glove while in your position, with a pitch coming at you at several miles per hour. Proper protection can only be offered by a well fitting catcher’s mitt.

The quality of baseball catcher mitts is also an important factor. The glove should be well padded to prevent injury to your hand when catching fast pitches. It is best if the mitt is made with real leather. Softer materials can wear out faster, which can result in having to replace it sooner or risk damage to the palm of your hand. Also, full leather tends to keep your hand safer than other types of mitts.

Check out the padding of the catcher’s mitt before you selecting the right one for you. The padding should not be in the way of effective catching. If it is, you risk dropping or missing the ball, which can cause harm to you or can allow the other team to win. There should be more padding found in the area of the fingers than in the palm. This allows you to properly use the glove during game play.

Know what you are looking for when shopping for baseball catchers mitts. As mentioned, these gloves are specially designed and will only work for the position behind home plate. The mitt will not have finger cutouts, and will look more like a mitten than a glove. Also, when buying for youth players, make sure there is enough room in the finger area, but not too much room. Many parents want to purchase a larger mitt for their children to grow into, but this can be dangerous for both the ability and safety of the player.

There are few things you should known before shopping for baseball catcher mitts. It is important to understand the look and feel of a mitt as opposed to the other baseball gloves available on the market. You will want to choose a high quality mitt that offers appropriate protection for your hand to prevent injuries. Select one that fits well to help you catch the ball without hurting your hand.