Dream Catcher Accessories You Can Use To Make A Fashion Statement

The unique beauty and significance of dream catchers have helped them stay relevant and popular. These are items that have broken cultural boundaries and they therefore can be found in many homes the tradition and culture notwithstanding. They have actually even become popular among youngsters. Apart from spicing up your room using a dream catcher, you can also find or even make your own accessories to make a fashion statement. With so many sizes, styles and colors to choose from, you are bound to get a piece that matches your individual preferences.

Earrings – They give an ethnic and native look and they can be worn best with plaits, open hair extensions and half tied hair. You will also love the dream catcher earrings with a long skirt and scarves. You can find the earrings in stores, but if you are the creative type you can get the needed materials and make your own very unique earrings.

Hair accessories – There is no better way to add style to your look than to replace your hair clip, or headband with a dream catcher hair accessory. You can find multi colored ones or you can also go for a single colored one depending on your outfit and your personal preferences. It will work with any look from open hair extension to ponytails or you can actually wear it as a hip tiara.

Neck pieces and pendants – Long metallic pieces are available today and they can be teamed with denim shorts and a plain t-shirt. Basic shirt dresses as well as tunics also bring the charm out of you and you can throw in a colored scarf to complete the look. There are so many ways of wearing a good dream catcher pedant or neck piece and you can go out of your way by making some of your own and adding it to your long necklace.

Anklets and bracelets – They are other accessories that have not been left behind by the dream catcher wave. The best thing about the bracelets is that they can be tiny to look like watches and they are therefore not just for ladies but for the guys as well. To make them stand out on your wrist, don’t wear anything else on the hand. If you choose to go for the anklets, then consider wearing them with capris.

With so many dream catcher accessories available today, you can definitely rock the native look everywhere you go. These accessories will also ensure that you have a flow of good dreams only even when sleeping away from your room. There are so many other items you can find today, including dream catcher key chains. Many people are also going for tattoos which are usually done on the nape for an eye catching beautiful look. Being very easy to make, you can create as many unique fashion accessories as you want to keep you surrounded with a positive vibe all through the day.

Dream Catchers and Mandellas

Dream catchers and mandellas have become commonplace objects in the United States as decorative wall hangings which add a Southwestern flair to any home. They can also be seen hanging from the rearview mirror of many cars. But to the Native American, these two craft items have a much deeper meaning.

The legend of the dream catcher began as part of Ojibwe or Chippewa culture. They believe that the dreams we have are messages sent by sacred spirits. Our bad dreams get caught in the web and the first light of day dissolves them. Good dreams are allowed through the web’s hole and then slide down the feathers to reach the dreamer.

The dream catcher is constructed of different items which each have a special meaning. The hoop represents unity and the circle of life. The center bead symbolizes the spider in the web. Other beads, attached around the web made of sinew, represent the good dreams caught up in the web that eventually come true. Feathers, depending on their origin, can connote strength or wisdom. To evoke the meaning of the four directions, four gemstones can be strategically placed in the web.

Dream catchers can be purchased already constructed in a multitude of sizes, colors, and designs. The more meaningful way to enjoy this sacred Native American legend is to make one yourself. Popular kits are available that include everything you need to make a beautiful dream catcher: a metal hoop, imitation sinew, flint arrowhead, beads, leather lacing, and feathers. Once completed, the dream catcher can be hung on the wall, hung from your car’s rearview mirror, or suspended from your child’s crib.

The mandella is another Native American Indian work of art that has become popular to those who wish to add the feel of the Southwest to their homes. Like the dream catcher, the mandella means much more to the Native American than just a wall hanging. They are derived from the shield of the Plains Indians which not only were used as defensive weapons during warfare, but also provided protection against evil spirits. Tribal members would construct these shields during ceremonies and design them based upon their dreams and visions. The mandella was hung in every tipi to ward off antagonists and provide a peaceful atmosphere.

Today’s mandellas are beautiful works of art that will enhance the look of any home or office. Like the dream catcher, mandellas can be purchased readymade, or obtained in kit form to assemble yourself. Either way, the mandella will include a metal ring, leather lacing, animal fur pieces, beads, feathers, and domestic wool top. Since the beads, feathers, and wool come in a myriad of color choices, the finished mandella can be customized to everyone’s taste.

At  you can purchase finished dream catchers and mandellas as well as kits to make them yourself. You can even customize your project by purchasing each component individually!

Bare Handed Drill For Catchers

A good catcher is, shall we say, a dime a dozen, but a Great Catcher is worth his weight in Gold. A Great Catcher has an uncanny ability to withstand pain and play through it, he’s expected to provide power with his bat, have a rocket launcher for a throwing arm and must be one of, if not the Smartest player on the field.

Obviously the learning curve for a catcher is Never Ending as there are always skills to refine, perfection is unattainable but near perfection is, there are always new skills to learn, otherwise catchers would get a break at Spring Training instead of being one of the first players required to attend and a pitching staff to baby sit.

As the saying goes “You have to eat an elephant one bite at a time” so we’ll exam one drill at a time which will increase your skills and get you on the road from being a good catcher, to a Great Catcher.

This particular drill is called Bare Handed Drill and requires the use of a blue racquet ball and racquetball racket. The intent of this drill is to increase the catcher’s ability to catch (receive) a pitch bare handed, which if he can catch a ball bare handed he’ll feel like he’s wearing a magnet when wearing his mitt, instead of an overstuffed pillow.

The catcher will assume his catching position, it’s optional whether he wears his equipment or not for this drill, but I strongly suggest he wear everything except his mitt. The more he becomes accustomed to the “Tools of Ignorance” the better he’ll perform in them.

The coach positions himself about 30′ away or half way between home plate and the pitchers mound. He uses the racquet to hit line drives, which simulates pitches, to the catcher.

The benefit of hitting the ball with the racquet instead of throwing the ball, is the ball comes off the racquet quicker, which develops quick hands, and the coach can easily vary the speed of the ball without throwing his arm out, which allows for a longer practice session.

The catcher should be encouraged to use two hands to catch the ball, but insure he’s holding his hands properly, one behind the other as he would hold his throwing hand behind his mitt if he were wearing one. He can also use batting gloves if he wishes, as the gloves do not deter from the basic principles of the drill.

One last suggestion, as coaches are notorious for launching high fly balls when first hitting a racquet ball, performing the drill inside may be advisable.